Friday, March 13, 2020

VIsualization: How to Create a Modern-day Dream Board

I was recently inspired by something I read to update my "bucket list." You've probably heard of the term before. It's a list of things you want to do in this life before, you know, you "kick the bucket." It occurred to me that if we represented these items as images, this would be almost identical to the old-school dream boards (yes, I know many people still teach and use them) that were taught for decades.

But this is the 21st century. Shouldn't we be able to do better? Have some daily reminder of our dreams that works almost automagically? I thought so, too. In fact, the company I work with, Strong Future International (SFI), has a place on the daily goals checklist to upload three images, representing what type of house you would like, what car you want to drive, and where you want to live. While these three things are great goals to set, perhaps that's not the goals everyone wants to target. Am I right?

So it dawned on me the other day that Facebook has a collage feature where you can create a collage for your profile's cover photo, of up to six images. Now for some, this may not be enough. But let's say you take the top 6 things on your bucket list and let's run with those. For me, they are destinations, places I would like to visit before I kick it. Some are simple. Some are doable now with a little planning. The biggest one is a true stretch long-term goal: going to space! Why not? They're my goals, right?

After coming to this epiphany, I created my very own collage that I am now using as my cover photo for my Facebook profile. I visit my own profile page at least once a day to check for other people's posts and to make sure my content is coming through correctly. And every time I do, I see my very own dream board as my cover photo, re-inforcing the goals that I've set for myself. Want to see it? 

Here's my Facebook cover photo:

What do you think? It doesn't matter, because it's mine! LOL 

But think about it. You can do the same thing with YOUR Facebook cover photo and use it to reinforce your goals every day. It can also open up the door for meeting and prospecting others as they comment on your picture!

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