Sunday, March 15, 2020

Covid-19 and The Working From Home Wake Up Call

In the wake of the global pandemic created by the Covid-19 virus, working from home has become more of a necessity in many companies, rather than an optional idea. Telecommuting is taking place at companies you never thought it would. Colleges and universities are closing campuses and rerouting all classes and learning online. It's an unprecedented time in our world for the power of the internet.

I feel lucky. Why?

I've been working from home full time since June of 2007. I was fortunate enough to have enough cash on hand and in savings to float my budget until I was earning enough to make ends meet. By 2012 I had my best year ever. Much of my work during the past 12+ years has been involving content writing, search engine optimization, and website development. I've honed and developed the skills as I've gone along. I'm grateful right now for the ability to work from home. Especially now.

For many, working from home may not be an option. Some companies are paying full-time workers regular pay to stay home for two weeks while offices are decontaminated. Part-time workers are hung out to dry. Some companies are closing but aren't paying workers at all. Sure, only two weeks now. Maybe more later. Who knows?

No matter how you look at it, this should serve as a wakeup call for everyone. We learned years ago that there is no more company loyalty to its workers. Long gone are the days of working for 40 years at one company and getting a full pension and gold watch at retirement. In the course of a normal career today, someone might work at four or five jobs between exiting college and retirement. That's if they get to retire. More people are working into their golden years than ever before.

Whether or not you think the Covid-19 virus will impact you, a loved one, your community, etc., there is one thing we know for sure. It is impacting the economy in ways no one would have predicted just a few weeks ago.

If you've come to the conclusion that YOU need to make some changes so that you can develop a work-from-home income going forward, I'm happy to help you. No affiliate links here. No sales pitch. Just drop me a message in the comments and let's get in touch. You can also visit my personal website,, and sign up for my mailing list where I share working from home ideas on a semi-regular basis.

Most of all, never give up hope. YOU TOO can find a niche that will work from you where you can develop a work-from-home income. 

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