Sunday, December 11, 2016

Insomnia Is For The Birds

I've been up all night, my mind racing with an overflow of new ideas for niche marketing. Then one bunny trail leads to another and I've built a sandbox site to test out layout and design, ad placement, creating a new site template. If I can get it all working right, I can sell this child theme as a product to other marketers.

More bunny trails and I'm looking at land again. I would still love to own some land in an isolated area of Texas, or maybe into more remote areas of our country, such as Idaho, Utah, Montana, or Wyoming.

Another bunny trail and know I'm thinking about my health issues. Could I even make use of such land even if I was able to aquire it?

I won't sleep today. I may sleep tonight, if I remember to take my pill before midnight. I'm sure all this blue light isn't helping. Oh, the joys of technology. We're killing ourselves more and more each day.