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Monday, February 1, 2016

A New Experiment ... Day 1

Sorry for not having blogged sooner. There's been a ton of stuff going on both personally and professionally. But I wanted to post this both for my own recordkeeping and for anyone reading to follow along.

I did some end-of-the-month reviews of all my analytical data for various sites and product promotions, etc. One thing I discovered is that I'm getting more referral traffic to Clickbank from my personal Twitter account (which I have been ramping up) than I was getting during almost two months of promotional ads run on Bing Ads. Unfortunately, all of my sales came from the Bing Ads traffic. However, I didn't promote the same products nor use the same ads, so there are a lot of variables at play here.

This month, I'm going to focus on two projects ... one will be to continue what I'm doing now, and promote products via twitter, but using higher gravity products and direct linking. The second project is my new experiment ... I'm going to build out a new twitter account from scratch and see how many people and how many impressions I can garner in one month. Yes, just one month. I started out tonight by following 89 accounts that I have high hopes for following me back. If this experiment generates significant results, I will put together a short case study and share it with you.

So, that's my update for now. TTFN ... those with kids know what that means, lol. ;)