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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Will you forgive me?

I can't believe it's been over three months since I posted on this blog. Wow how time flies when we let it get away from us. Well, can you ever forgive me ... if "you" are even out there? I am back now, although I never physically left ...

It is good to work from home, but it is challenging. You really have to work to define your work time, and if you don't have a schedule one of two very different things can happen to you! First, you might end up not working enough to get the job done ... you will use the 'poke it with a stick' method and try to accomplish a lot with too little of a time commitment. The second thing that can happen is the 'workaholic' syndrome - you work all the time. You begin to neglect your family and friends and any social life you might have had in the past. It becomes all about your work and getting more done ... after all, when you are your own boss there is no one there to tell you to take a break or lunch, right?

Until next time ... stay focused and think big!