Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back in Action

Whoa! It's been quite a while since I published here on the Real Men Stay Home blog. I can hardly believe that I've let three months slip by unnoticed. Then again, all of our children's birthdays fall between August and November, so maybe you can find it in your heart to give me a little leeway with that fact in mind.

I just wanted to drop in and say that I'm back in action and will start posting several times a week here on this blog. My renewed focus is going to be on the work from home dad (moms are welcome too!). I've been working from home for over almost a year and a half now, and I want to share my success with those of you who are looking to do the same thing. Alternately, if you are working from home already, then we can share secrets to success with each other (or commiserate as appropriate, LOL!).

In any event, please come back or subscribe to the RSS feed, because there will be a lot of good information coming your way here on all aspects of working from home.