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Saturday, October 17, 2020


It's talked about all the time - residual income. But what is it? What does that phrase mean?

I was first exposed to residual income way back in 1996, right after I got out of the Army. I was working with a local satellite TV installer, a Mom and Pop shop. One day the owner and I started talking about business.

He showed me a print out from Primestar (his primary vendor at the time), showing all of his current subscribers, people who had signed up for the satellite TV service under his business code.

Now, the business got a decent one-off commission off of the sale and installation of the service, but that wasn't his focus. He was building a customer base. And for every current subscriber that kept paying their bill each month, he got a smaller monthly commission.

This was my first exposure to residual income - money that continues to come in, month after month, long after the sale is made. Of course, it's not automatic. The key is to keep the customers happy so they continue with the product or service.

Now that you see my example, you can probably think of a lot of industries that use residual income: all types of insurance, cable TV, satellite TV, home security systems, affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc.

Can you see the allure of building up a customer base of hundreds or even thousands of customers, each providing a small commission each month? Residual income is how fortunes are made. It's passive and can be massive.

If you're interested in learning more about residual income or the platform that I'm using right now to build up my customer base, hit me up.

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