Sunday, October 18, 2020

Domains For Sale

So, I've decided to flip a few domains that I've got. I just don't have the time to develop the sites for these domains. They already get traffic, so that's a bonus. They are very intuitive and great business domains if they fit the area of your venture. What business models would work with these domains? Let's take a look.

First up is This domain name would work well for any type of site promoting free to play, pay to advance type of gaming structure. No website comes with it. That's on you or a basic site can be provided for an extra fee. Price: $100

Next is If you're doing anything in the crypto space, this one could be for you. It's very recognizable and with the dot com extension as well! It's hard to beat something like this for training in the crypto space. Believe me, I looked! Same deal here, no website provided unless you want to pay extra. Price: $500 is my third one for sale. This was going to be a resource site for e-commerce entrepreneurs, thus the name. It's a bit clunky, but works for someone in the ecom space providing tools and resources to other business owners. No site included unless you pay extra. Price: $100

Last but not least is the one I think is the best one right out of the box, This one is perfect for any kind of business opportunity and that is a broad spectrum of businesses! If you're promoting a business opportunity for someone to make enough money to break free from a j-o-b, then this one is for you. No site provided unless you pay extra. Don't let this one slip away! Price $1000

All deals will go through a third-party broker. Escrow payment will be held by the broker until domain transfer is completed, then the funds will be forwarded to me, minus the broker's fee. No fees are passed onto you, just the straight price listed above.

If you want to check out all of the domains I have for sale, visit my listings on Namecheap's Marketplace!

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