Thursday, September 1, 2022

Nexus Rewards Review: My First Month

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you've probably seen that I'm working with Nexus Rewards. It's a savings and rewards club that can help you save money on gas, groceries, pretty much anything you buy. Well, I just finished up my first month and I thought I would give my opinion on this opportunity.

First off, let me say that Nexus Rewards is a network marketing company through and through. The founders of the company, Art and Rob Phelps, have been involved with network marketing for many years. They've had great success and have trained others who have had the same. Bottom line with these two is that they know the network marketing industry from top to bottom.

So, how does the program work? Well, there are apps that the company has teamed up with in the backend that give you savings, cash back, and rewards from what seems like hundreds of gas stations, stores, and restaurants. It's pretty impressive. I'll share my results below.

The compensation plan is a critical piece in any network marketing company, right? Well, let me tell you, Nexus Rewards has put every penny they can back into the comp plan. There are bonuses. There are overrides. Needless to say with network marketing, the opportunity is huge and there is the potential for big residual income.

How did I do my first month? Ok, first, I've earned $84 in cash back from a few purchases of items that were already on my "to get" list. Second, I'm halfway to a $10 gift card to just about whatever I want. I saved 33 cents per gallon on my last fillup of 10 gallons, for a total savings of $3.30. Last but not least, I saved $150 on a 9-day rental car from Hertz! So, in total for my first month, I have saved/earned a whopping $242 and some change. Considering I only sponsored 1 free member (more on that in another blog post) for the month, that was all earnings just on my own - things that I would have purchased anyway.

So what is my final review of Nexus Rewards conclusion? Nexus Rewards is poised for growth with apps that can put some serious cash back into the hands of consumers. This is a product that people want and need, especially now. I know it gets said a lot in this industry, but this one really is a no-brainer!

That being said, I want to put in a plug for you to join me in Nexus Rewards. There is a great support system and weekly training to get you off to a fast start. The company is available practically in every country, so it's truly global. Start saving today and build a business that you can grow into something big! Get more information and sign up at the link below:


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