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Friday, February 7, 2020

Facebook: Is it still useful to an internet marketer?

Facebook has long been heralded as a great website to not only stay in touch with friends and family, but for internet marketers to share their wares. Affiliate marketers would share the links to their products, as would drop shippers, resellers, and mom and pop shops with their homemade products.

Even business opportunity participants would share their opportunities with others who might be interested in a side hustle. All was good for years until Facebook decided to crack down on spammers.

Now why would any of these groups get caught up in a drag net for spammers? It's simple, really. A crack down usually centers around people who are spamming groups with their offers. I'm not talking about posting a link to a couple of groups every day. Some of these folks are posting their links to literally hundreds of groups and pages each day.

Unfortunately, some of these bad apples come from legitimate product / business sources, such as Clickbank, JV Zoo, Wealthy Affiliate, Strong Future International, and more. Once these spammers start spamming URLs from these resources across Facebook, any links using parts of the URL, specifically the root domain name, get blocked. This impacts the legitimate marketers as well.

So, the question becomes whether or not Facebook is still useful to an internet marketer or not.

I'll let you know my conclusion in my next blog post. Meanwhile, share YOUR thoughts with me in the comments below!

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