Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holidays and Working From Home

When you work from home and have kids, holidays are not exactly the "most wonderful time of the year" as the old song goes. In fact, if you have more than one child and they play together, loudly, it can become downright frustrating. This is one of the biggest challenges for me in working from home.

During the holidays, normal people take paid time off from work. They don't worry about earning money on the days they are spending with relatives, because they are being paid by their employer. For those of us who work as independent contractors, we have no such allowance. Each day is another day to earn income or another day to lose it. Well, not necessarily lose it. But each day represents a loss of potential income if we don't get to work.

So, while it's great to spend time with the family and go visit people and eat wonderful meals, it can really take a toll. Not only are we spending extra money this week, but we're not earning as much as we should be, so it's sort of like a double whammy.

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