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Friday, July 25, 2008

Moldy and Parasitic Insects

Well, as a relative newcomer to gardening, my worst fears have been realized. We've got discolored moldy cucumbers coming off the vines. Not only that, the squash bugs have found the zucchini plants and they are dying off. Not to be outdone, a new fire ant mount has sprung up near the okra -- which apparently they like.

That's it in a nutshell. I'm researching now for organic methods of dealing with the pestilence that has invaded our little summer garden and I will report back what I find. For now, we are watching the produce very closely and washing anything we do eat really well.

The success story of the week is the cantaloupe, of which we have harvested two thus far - and they are delicious!!!


The Scavenger said...

Bugs in the garden are a bummer. Sounds like your cuke's may be getting too ripe or laying on the ground too long, mine get that way sometimes and I put straw under them to keep them off the ground. Man, you cantaloupes already, mine are just little babies now. Great blog, keep your hands in the dirt and you will be rewarded.


WrethaOffGrid said...

Ohhh, nasty stuff indeed! For the moldy stuff, I believe sulfur and baking soda are good for mold, and for the bugs, try diatomaceous earth, that is non-toxic to us and animals, but it will kill bugs, just don't breathe it or get it in your eyes. Google these things to learn how much and when to use it. The diatomaceous earth should be easy enough to get in any good garden center, just make sure you DO NOT get the kind for swimming pools, that is TOXIC.