Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Recap: Work at Home Hell Week

Well, spring break is over for our family. Last week was, to say the least, the most challenging week since I've been working from home. While I did start this work from home adventure last June, it was well after school started before I found a regular paying gig that constituted steady work. We lived off of savings for several months while I searched for the right "fit".

So last week really constituted our first attempt to all co-habitate AND work together all at the same time. Three kids at home all day became a very challenging scenario indeed. Even though my wife was here to help, we both about went crazy trying to work (her part time, me full time) and corral the kids at the same time. It was by far my worst and most unproductive week thus far working from home.

Of course, this brings up an important issue. How will I cope with working from home during the summer? I attempted a different schedule during spring break. I tried a late evening shift, sleeping in during the morning hours and spending time with the kids in the afternoons. Unfortunately, I never slept in as much as I would have liked, the kids wore me out in the afternoons, and I found myself tired and lagging during the evenings, sometimes unable to complete my intended schedule. That shift sure didn't work.

All I know is that I'm glad spring break is over. I can easily say that it was hell week here at home "sweet" home.

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